• It is safe to come in for appointments. We have made special arrangements at our clinics, and we take care of hygiene and protection in accordance with the instructions given by the authorities. We recommend you use a face mask while visiting us.
  • If you have respiratory symptoms or you suspect that you have the coronavirus, please book a remote appointment. If you are unsure about what kind of appointment would suit you, please ask our customer service, tel. 010 380 3838.
  • Please note that prior to booking a coronavirus test, a referral from a doctor or nurse is required.
  • Occupational health care customers: Confirm with your employer whether the service you are booking is included in the occupational health care contract, or if you have to pay for the visit yourself.
  • Luotsi customers: please book your appointment by phone, tel. 010 380 5600.
  • Insurance customers: Confirm with your insurance company or employer (e.g. occupational accident, medical expenses insurance) whether the service is covered by your insurance.

Appointment is not available

Date:Mon 19.10.2020 klo 17:00
Duration:15 min
Specialist:Waisi Abdulkhaleq
Speciality:General Practice
Clinic:Aava Kamppi

Unfortunately this appointment is not available anymore.

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